I have known Plant Friends for over 27 years. They were our plant service provider when I started with the company (27 years ago). At that time, we were a very small organization. Over the years, our company and Plant Friends have grown together. Today, the scope of service has increased from basic plant service to holiday decor, fresh flower arrangements and many other special order requests. Plant Friends are more than just a vendor, they are a great partner.

Michele Flatt
Apollo Group, Inc.

I have had the distinguished pleasure of working with Plant Friends personally and professionally. Plant Friends took the time to understand all of our needs. With every design they created beautiful plantcapes for my home and for my national employer. With the quality products and service their team always exceeded my expectations. Personally, my new home was plantscaped and then later dressed for the holidays to wow my family and friends. Professionally, our regional operational center was cared for with the same operational excellence we demand from our employees. The care and design of their unique service provided a distinct value of pride when customers, family and friends came by to visit. For your personal or business needs, distinguish yourself with Plant Friends… you will be glad you did! Plant Friends is definitely my BFF!

Sally Branch

Plants Friends have been providing plant services for our company for over 30 years. In addition to having a wide selection of plants, they are also of the best quality. On the rare occasion in which a plant begins to falter, they respond expeditiously; they consistently stand by their guarantee. More importantly, their customer service is top notch. Not only are they reliable, trustworthy and efficient, everyone in the company is an absolute delight to work with. I give Plant Friends the highest possible recommendation for both their products and customer service.

Kate Kindred
Exeter East, LLC

Plant Friends has been managing my plant care for more than 13 years. They worked with me using their expertise to find the perfect plants for my office. They are professional, reliable, & friendly. I would highly recommend their company.

Nina Watson

I have utilized Plant Friends for five years. They designed a great assortment of plants to give my condo the feel I was seeking. Their weekly maintenance keeps my plants looking healthy and vibrant even when I am out of town. As plants lose their pizazz or outgrow their spaces, they are seamlessly replaced. Plant Friends has proven that I don’t need a green thumb to have a green house!

Wayne Triplett,D.D.S.,M.S.

Plant Friends have been with us ever since 1991. They provide exemplary service and our plants have flourished under their care. And when a plant succumbs to the dryness that is Arizona, they happily help to replace it with a beautiful new one in an expedient way. They are always professional and nonintrusive. For all of these reasons and more, my husband and I will only use Plant Friends as our in-home service for our plants.

Valerie Sorkin-Wells MD
Joseph Wells MD