Horticultural Services

Plant Friends will provide complete and continuous maintenance as required, minimum once weekly, to maintain healthy and visually attractive plants at all times in the Client’s facility.

Included in the Indoor Plant Maintenance service is the following:

  • Weekly inspection of all plants by a uniformed trained and certified plant technician.
  • Watering as necessary to maintain correct moisture content in soil.
  • Weekly cleaning and pruning of all foliage to maintain attractive shape, size and appearance of plants.
  • Inspection of soil and foliage for insects and disease and the application of necessary organic pesticides and fungicides.
  • Application of fertilizer and trace elements as necessary to maintain healthy and attractive plants.
  • Rotation of plants to expose all sides to light where applicable.
  • Application of topping material to present an attractive appearance.
  • Cleaning of plant containers and removal of debris from topping material.
  • Inspection of containers for leakage and damage.
  • Automatic rotation or Free replacement of any plant which becomes visually unattractive.